ECHR on Turkey since 2008

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There is an easier way to get the statistics on judgments of the ECHR on Turkey (or any other State party to the European Convention of Human Rights). The annual reports of the European Court of Human Rights since 2001 can be found on the website of the ECHR

On this page you find a list of the press releases on judgements of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Turkey starting in January 2008.

Preliminary Remarks

  1. Please note that this is not a complete list. Minor cases such as disputes about property are not included. In addition, several cases concern more than one applicant.
  2. For a detailed description of the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights follow the link to Wikipedia. The list contains just the numbers of Related Articles.
  3. One weakness of the list is the fact that the results could only be termed violation, no viol.ation or friendly s.ettlement. There are, however, judgements that include decisions on violations as well as against violations. In cases concerning the right to life (Article 2) or the ban on torture (Article 3) for instance it can well be that the Court ruled against a violation (mainly because of lack of evidence) and also on a violation (on procedural grounds).
  4. If you want to find out the negative rulings (against a violation) you can
    1. follow the link(s) at the bottom of each item on categories or via the link to the left on Special pages and from there to the categories
    2. use the Special:MultiCategorySearch page to make your own choice of violated or not violated Articles.

Lists on specific questions

By using Special:MultiCategorySearch you can get lists of cases that concern a particular (and possible other) provision(s) of the Convention. A similar effect can be achieved with the extension DynamicPageList (DPL) used to compile the complete list. Hoping that you might have the same questions in mind you can take a look at results to pre-defined questions.


In press releases concerning one application there are two footnotes in the text that are not repeated on the pages. Footnote 1 appears after ... has today notified in writing its Chamber judgment and reads

  • Under Article 43 of the Convention, within three months from the date of a Chamber judgment, any party to the case may, in exceptional cases, request that the case be referred to the 17-member Grand Chamber of the Court. In that event, a panel of five judges considers whether the case raises a serious question affecting the interpretation or application of the Convention or its protocols, or a serious issue of general importance, in which case the Grand Chamber will deliver a final judgment. If no such question or issue arises, the panel will reject the request, at which point the judgment becomes final. Otherwise Chamber judgments become final on the expiry of the three-month period or earlier if the parties declare that they do not intend to make a request to refer.

The second footnote appears after Summary of the judgment and reads

  • This summary by the Registry does not bind the Court.

The complete list

In 2012 I deactivated the extension Dynamic Page List, since it poses a security risk. For a full list (in alphabetical order) see the page with the main category ECHR

The pages are created by using an inputbox on a separate page

Cases in 2008 in which statements extracted under torture were used as evidence are listed on the page Article 15 of the UNCAT