World Cup 2010 Quiz

Multiple Choice - Quiz

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The head quarter of FIFA is in: (!Australia) (!Japan) (!America) (Switzerland)

FIFA was formed in: (!1903) (1904) (!1905) (!1906)

The current president of FIFA is: (Sepp Blatter)(!Smith Brul)(!Sam Blims)(!none of these)

Who won the 06 world cup? (!France)(!Argentina)(Italy)(!China)

Who lost the final in the 06 world cup? (France)(!Argentina)(!Italy)(!China)

Who won the 02 world cup? (!Germany)(Brazil)(!Japan)(!Australia)

Which was the first country to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991? (!Japan)(!South Korea)(China)(!Russia)

Which is the only champion nation that has not won a World Cup hosted by itself? (!Argentina)(!Germany)(Brazil)(!Uruguay)

Who was sent off for his last ever national game in 2006? (Zinedin Zidan)(!Wayne Rooney)(!Christiano Ronaldo)(!Pele)

Where did England reach in the 2006 world cup? (!final)(!semi final)(!group stage)(quarter finals)

Who scored more goals than any one else in the world cups? (Ronaldo)(!Maradona)(!Müller)(!Lincker)

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Where do most players earn their money? Put the countries and figures together!

England 117
Germany 84
Italy 80
Spain 59

All-time ranking

What is the all-time ranking of the teams in the same group as Germany?

Australia 52
Germany 2
Serbia 11
Ghana 49

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