World Cup 2010 Quiz (geography)

Do you know the capitals? (Part 1)

Find the right capitals for the countries (move the cards)!

England London
Germany Berlin
Italy Rome
Spain Madrid
Algeria Algiers
Argentina Buenos Aires
Australia Canberra
Brazil Brasilia
Cameroon Yaoundé
Chile Santiago
Cote d’Ivoire Yamoussoukro
Denmark Copenhagen
France Paris
Ghana Accra
Greece Athens
Honduras Tegucigalpa

Do you know the capitals? (Part 2)

Find the right capitals for the countries (move the cards)!

Japan Tokyo
Mexiko Mexiko City
Netherlands Amsterdam
New Zealand Wellington
Nigeria Abuja
North Korea Pyongyang
Paraguay Asuncion
Portugal Lizbon
Serbia Belgrade
Slovakia Bratislava
Slovenia Ljubljana
South Africa Johannesburg
South Korea Seoul
Switzerland Bern
Uruguay Montevideo
USA Washington D.C.

Take the map for your orientation and try to figure out the distance of the capitals of some of the participating countries to Johannesburg.


Estimate the distance to Johannesburg (in kilometres)!

Canberra 10807
Santiago 9188
Berlin 8876
Tokyo 13555
Wellington 11773
Accra 4670
Seoul 12498
Madrid 8108
Washington 13060
Bratislava 8347

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