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Can you fill in the blanks of this text using the cards below?

When you buy a computer and have all the relevant parts (hardware) together, your computer will not work without the necessary software. Examples for software are: System software such as operating systems, application software, such as text editors, video games (except the hardware part). You first need an operating system (OS) to get the PC working. The OS is often distributed with certain types of computers.

The difficult test

Can you fill in the blanks of this text using the cards below?

What is an Operating System?

The most important program on any computer is the Operating System or OS. The OS is a large program made up of many smaller programs that control how the CPU communicates with other hardware components. Operating systems make computers user friendly.
Two parts, ROM (Read Only Memory) and RAM (Random Access Memory) are very important to the OS. ROM contains the most important programs that the computer needs in order to run correctly. The ROM operating system is also known as the BIOS (Basic Input Output System). BIOS is responsible for waking up the computer when you turn it on to remind it of all the parts it has and what they do.

Types of Operating Systems

Different computer manufacturers use different operating systems. The most common is Windows, which was developed by a company named Microsoft. Windows is similar to the Macintosh (also known as Apple) operating system, because it also uses a mouse and a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that uses graphics or pictures to help the user navigate within the computer system. Systems like Unix (sometimes better known as Linux) did not use a GUI at the beginning. The users had to type commands to start certain applications.

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