The way from Hamburg to Istanbul

Fill in the blanks

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Every summer (Sommer) my parents and I go to Turkey. My father drives the car (Auto). I look at the map (Landkarte) and tell my father where to go. We start in Hamburg and use the Autobahn. In England they say motorway. In America they say highway. The first big town is Hanover. It is the capital of Lower-Saxony (Niedersachsen). Magdeburg is the capital of Saxony-Anhalt. Leipzig and Dresden are big towns in Saxony (Sachsen). Dresden is the capital of Saxony. Soon after Dresden we leave Germany and enter the Czech Republic (Tschechische Republik). The capital of the Czech Republic is Prague. We have to drive through Slovakia (Slowakei) as well. The road is close to Austria (Österreich). The capital of Austria is Vienna. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. Soon after Bratislava we enter Hungary (Ungarn). The capital of Hungary is Budapest. After Hungary we enter Serbia (Serbien). We drive towards Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. We pass some bigger cities in Serbia until we enter Bulgaria (Bulgarien). Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. We enter Turkey close to Edirne. After a few hours (Stunden) we are in Istanbul.


Click on a number and fill in the correct word.

Prague capital of the Czech Republic
Hanover capital of Lower Saxony
Vienna capital of Austria
Bratislava capital of Slovakia
Budapest capital of Hungary
Belgrade capital of Serbia
Sofia capital of Bulgaria
Ankara capital of Turkey
Berlin capital of Germany
Dresden capital of Saxony

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