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Names of Newspapers and Journals


AKP Justice and Development Party
ANAP Motherland Party
BBP Great Unity Party
BES Trade Union of Secretaries
ÇGD Progressive Journalists' Association
ÇHD Contemporary Lawyers Association
CHP Republican People's Party
CPT Committee for the Prevention of Torture
DBP Democracy and Peace Party
DEHAP Democratic People'e Party
DEP Democracy Party
DETAK Family Union of Rev. Prisoners
DHKP-C Rev. People's Liberation Party
DİHA News Agency Dicle
DİSK Progressive Trade Unions 
DSP Democratic Left Party
DTP Party of Democractic Society
DYP True Path Party
ECoHR European Court of Human Rights 
EHRC European Human Rights Convention
EMEP Labor Party
ESP Socialist Platform for Oppressed
FESK Armed Forces of the Poor and Oppressed
GNAT Grand National Assembly of Turkey
Göç-Der Ass. of Social Aid and Culture of Migrants
HADEP People's Democracy Party
HAK-PAR Rights and Freedoms Party
HEP People's Labor Party
HÖC Front of Rights and Freedoms
HPG People's Defence Forces
HRFT Human Rights Foundation of Turkey
HRA Human Rights Association
HPG People's Defense Force
ILO International Labor Organization
İP Workers' Party
KESK Public Laborers' Trade Unions
KADEK Freedom and Democracy Congress of Kurdistan
Kongra-Gel People's Congress of Kurdistan
LFT Law to Fight Terrorism
Mazlum-Der Organization for Human Rights and Solidarity with Oppressed People
MKP Maoist Communist Party
MHP Nationalist Action Party
MİT National Intelligence Organization
MLKP Marxist Leninist Communist Party
NSC National Security Council
OHAL State of Emergency (Region)
ÖDP Freedom and Solidarity Party
ÖTP Free Society Party
PKK Kurdistan Workers' Party
RTÜK Radio and Television Supreme Board
SDP Socialist Democracy Party
SES Union of Health and Social Workers
SHP Social-democrat People's Party
SİP Socialist Power Party
SSC State Security Court
TAYAD Association of Prisoners' Families
TBB Union of Bar Associations of Turkey
TCPC Code of Criminal Procedures
TGC Turkish Journalists' Association 
THÖD Ass. of Basic Rights and Freedoms
TİKB Rev. Communist Union of Turkey
TİKKO Workers Peasants' Liberation Army
TİSK Employers' Trade Unions of Turkey
TDP Social Democracy Party
TMMOB Chambers of Engineers and Architects
TOBB Chambers and Exchange Markets of T.
TPC Turkish Penal Code
TSK Turkish Armed Forces
TTB Turkish Medical Association
TUHAD Ass. of Solidarity with Prisoners' Families
TUYAB Union of Prisoners's Relatives
TÜGİAD Young Businessmen Association 
Türk İş Confed. of Workers' Trade Unions
TÜSİAD Industrialists and Businessmen
UNHCR UN High Commissioner of Refugees
YÖK Higher Education Institution
Names of Newspapers and Journals
mentioned in the report

Turkish English

Akşam Evening
Cumhuriyet Republic
Evrensel Universal
Hürriyet Freedom
Milliyet Nation
Radikal Radical
Özgür Gündem Free Agenda
Özgür Politika Free Policy
Tercüman Translator
Vatan Fatherland
Yeni Şafak New Dawn
Zaman Time

Turkish English

Adalet ve Emek Justice and Labor
Atılım Step, Attack
Azadiya Welat Freedom of the Country
Çağrı Call
Dema Nu New Time
Devrimci Demokrasi Revolutionary Democracy
Gençlik Gelecektir Youth is the Future
Genç Bakış Young View
Kızıl Bayrak Red Flag
Özgür Halk Free People


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