Helmut Helmut Oberdiek * 18.9.1947 — † 27.4.2016
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Translator at Work

The videos were created with a demo version of Instant Demo and, therefore, show a link on the right bottom. No voice was recorded (only the clicks can be heard). The films pause when explaining text appears, but can be stopped at any stage.
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The following clips are available:

  1. Make new project and load correct file in OmegaT; 6:47
  2. Translating with memory in OmegaT, some files have already been translated; 5:41
  3. Create a glossary for OmegaT; 5:25
  4. See a (not so) talented translator at work, fuzzy matches, use of the glossary and spell check; 8:20
  5. Final corrections and creation of translated file(s); 6:48
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