Helmut Helmut Oberdiek * 18.9.1947 — † 27.4.2016
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In December 2007 I prepared the study on Torture in Turkey as part of an expert opinion for a case at the European Court of Human Right (against Germany actually). It looks at the different assessments of international and national bodies concerned with human rights.

In an attempt to combine different lists and update them (mostly prepared by the Human Rights Association, the Human Rights Foundation and Amnesty International) I chose three issues that fall under the general heading Right to Life. Needless to say that they relate to Turkey, but I should add that they cover the period of 20 years (1980 to 2000) or 10 years 1990 to 2000.
The subheadings are:
Death in Custody
Killings of Civilians by Armed Groups

In a seperate study I have commented on judgments of the European Court of Human Rights on Turkey

The older two reports consist of two parts each:

Deaths in Custody (1980 to 1989)

  1. Communication with the Turkish authorities
  2. List of cases (torture as the possible cause for death)
Turkey Campaign (1988)
  1. Military Rule
  2. Concerns (POC, Torture, Unfair Trial, Death Penalty)

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