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Hallo and Merhaba

I prepared these pages with the intention of getting a quick access to documents and files that I might need for reference ever now and then. But maybe other people might be interested as well.

Most of the texts (in all three language) I've placed into a private Wiki, called MyWiki. This is a site of its own and, if you want to get back here, follow the zurück-back-geri link.

The translation from the Turkish to the English language mainly concern publications of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT). Besides a number of annual reports, you can download a book on "Torture and Impunity" (2005) and you'll find a translation of selected Articles of the Turkish Penal Code of 1 June 2005.

In the "Reports" section you'll find new and old reports. Reports I compiled in September 2007, have been moved to MyWiki. They concentrate on the "Right to Life" and have subheadings of "Disappearances", "Death in Custody" and "Killings of Civilians by Armed Groups". These reports and the lists that I tried to update should be considered drafts which means that anyone is encouraged to improve them.

Because of the length I separated two reports. The one on death in custody of 18 April 1989 I split into 2 sections: general remarks on deaths in custody and the revised list of people who died in detention. The first Turkey campaign was launched in 1988 and accompanied by a briefing called "Human Rights Denied". I've only transformed the first pages to html and left the remaining as images that you might watch in a slide show as the last album in the list. The first albums are selected articles from (mainly) Turkish newspapers archived between 1992 and 1999. From there you get back with the "home" link in the upper left corner.

More to come at at later stage...

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