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Please Read: You have reached an individual site built with the script used for Wikipedia. It is called MediaWiki and can be inspected and downloaded at this Site. Even though my texts are in different languages many features such as the category "new" remain in English.

Important: If you want to follow a link on this site and keep the current page opened use the right-click of your mouse and choose open in a new tab or window.


I would have liked to keep my private wiki open to anyone's contribution, but soon had to realize that ill-intended people create bots to place their ads or other stupid things into sites with no relation to their own goals (just like they spam e-mail accounts). Since I do not have the skills to prevent this kind of

  • creating an account and new pages

by other means I opted to allow editing and creation of new pages only to registered users and

  • cancel the opportunity to open an account

without approval of the administrator

In other words

if you want to participate drop me a line under the address mentioned under B-Ob8ungen:About


My mother tongue is German, but I've used an English wiki for this site. I appreciate that MediaWiki allows to use any kind of special characters (not only the German umlauts) when writing (editing) texts.


This was (is) my first attempt to use MediaWiki. Therefore certain features have not been used correctly. Sorry for any inconvenience because of my ignorance.