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  • Dienstgrade in DE, TR, UK und US
  • Military ranks in DE, TR, UK and US
  • DE, TR, UK ve US'te askeri rütbeleri

Untere Dienstgrade/lower ranks/er ve erbaşlar

OR-1 Soldat Er Private Private E1
OR-2 Gefreiter - - Private E2
OR-3 Ober- Hauptgefreiter - Lance Corporal/Lance Bombardier Private First Class
OR-4 Stabs- Oberstabsgefreiter Onbaşı/Uzman Onbaşı Corporal/Bombardier Corporal/Specialist
OR-5 Unter- Stabsunteroffizier Çavuş/Uzman Çavuş Sergeant Sergeant
OR-6 Feldwebel/Oberfeldwebel Astsubay Çavuş/Kıdemli Çavuş - Staff Sergeant
OR-7 Hauptfeldwebel Üstçavuş/Kıdemli Üstçavuş Staff Sergeant Sergeant First Class
OR-8 Stabsfeldwebel Başçavuş Warrant Officer Class 2 Master Sergeant/First Sergeant
OR-9 Oberstabsfeldwebel Kıdemli Başçavuş Warrant Officer Class 1 Sergeant Major/Sergeant Major of the Army


Student Officer Fahnenjunker - Officer Cadet Cadet/Officer Candidate
OF-D Fähnrich/Oberfähnrich Asteğmen Officer Designate -
OF-1 Leutnant/Oberleutnant Teğmen/Usteğmen Second Lieutenant/Lieutenant Second Lieutenant/First Lieutenant
OF-2 Hauptmann/Stabshauptmann Yüzbaşı Captain Captain
OF-3 Major Binbaşı Major Major
OF-4 Oberstleutnant Yarbay Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
OF-5 Oberst Albay Colonel Colonel

Higher Ranks

Heer/Army/Kara Kuvvetleri

Türkiye US UK Deutschland
Mareşal General of the Army Field Marshal Generalfeldmarschall
Orgeneral General General General (****)
Korgeneral Lieutenant-General Lieutenant-General Generalleutnant
Tümgeneral Major General Major General Generalmajor
Tuğgeneral Brigadier General Brigadier Brigadegeneral
Albay Colonel Colonel Oberst
Yarbay Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Oberstleutnant
Binbaşı Major Major Major
Yüzbaşı Captain Captain Stabshauptmann
Üsteğmen First Lieutenant Lieutenant Hauptmann
Teğmen Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Oberleutnant
Asteğmen - - Leutnant

Luftwaffe/Air Force/Hava Kuvvetleri

Türkiye US UK Deutschland
Mareşal General of the Air Force Marshal of the Royal Air Force Generalfeldmarschall
Orgeneral General Air Chief Marshal General (****)
Korgeneral Lieutenant General Air Marshal Generalleutnant
Tümgeneral Major General Air Vice Marshal Generalmajor
Tuğgendral Brigadier General Air Commodore Brigadegeneral
Albay Colonel Group Captain Oberst
Yarbay Lieutenant Colonel Wing Commander Oberstleutnant
Binbaşı Major Squadron Leader Major
Yüzbaşı Captain (OF-2) Captain (OF-2) Stabshauptmann
Üsteğmen Captain Flight Lieutenant Hauptmann
Teğmen First Lieutenant Flying Officer Oberleutnant
Asteğmen Second Lieutenant Pilot Officer Leutnant

Marine/Navy/Deniz Kuvvetleri

Türkiye US UK Deutschland
Büyük Amiral Fleet Admiral Admiral of the Fleet
Oramiral Admiral Admiral Admiral
Koramiral Vice-Admiral Vice-Admiral Vizeadmiral
Tümarmiral Rear Admiral (upper half) Rear Admiral Konteradmiral
Tuğamiral Rear-Admiral (lower half) Commodore Flottillenadmiral
- - Captain (over 6) -
Albay Captain Captain (under 6) Kapitän zur See
Yarbay Commander Commander Fregattenkapitän
Binbaşı Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant-Commander Korvettenkapitän
Yüzbaşı-Kıdemli Üsteğmen Lieutenant Lieutenant Stabskapitänleutnant
Üsteğmen Lieutenant Junior Grade Sub-Lieutenant Kapitänleutnant
Teğmen Ensign Acting Sub Lt Oberleutnant zur See
Asteğmen Midshipman Leutnant zur See



A non-commissioned officer (abbreviated to NCO), called a sub-officer in some countries, is a military officer who has not been given a commission. The NCO corps usually includes all grades of corporal and sergeant; in some countries, warrant officers also carry out the duties of NCOs. (see [the English Wikipedia] for more details)


Die Generäle werden oft nach der Anzahl ihrer Sterne benannt (1-5). General are often names according to the stars they wear (1-5).

Table in Wikipedia/Vikipedi'de tablo

The tables used in the English and Turkish Wikipedia show a greater variety of ranks in the Turkish Armed Forces.

Common ranks Rütbeler
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