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Material used in school

Here is some material produced between February and June 2010 for 5th and 6th formers at a lyceum (Alsterring-Gymnasium). The quizzes can only be taken with Firefox. Somehow I was unable to have the Javascript work properly in the Internet Explorer. In addition, I could not maintain the structure of my English pages, since the quizzes have to cover 100% of a window. If you want this page to remain open use your right mouse (to open the quiz in a new page/tab).

Early material includes a film with subtitles on ancient Mesopotamia (6th form). A second video showed Syriacs in Hamburg (German with English subtitles. For the 5th form there were some games to play (external links)

   1. Map showing the names of European countries and their capitals
   2. Find the countries on the map
   3. Map puzzle

There is one quiz (fill in the blanks and crosswords) on the trip to Turkey (Hamburg to Istanbul). The map on top of the page can help you find the answers. The quiz on the FIFA world cup should be easy. The quiz on capitals of participating countries is not that easy.

As an introduction for the work on computers with the operating system Ubuntu three quizzes were used.

  1. Parts of a computer
  2. What is an operating system?
  3. Try out Ubuntu
During the last lesson video clips with English songs were used (mainly copied from YouTube). The "hit" were clips with images of the students (some of them pretty "old"). You can find them on a page with songs.
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